Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Portrait of 18C American Woman

1753 Jeremiah Theus 1716-1774 Elizabeth Prioleau Roupell High Mus

The High Museum tells us, "On May 14, 1853, the South Carolina Gazette posted notice of the recent union between “one of the officers in his Majesty’s customs,” Mr. George Roupell, and Miss Elizabeth Prioleau, “an agreeable young lady with a handsome fortune and other accomplishments.” Painted on the occasion of their marriage, this portrait was rendered by the only artist of note in the region, Swiss-born Jeremiah Theus, who worked out of Charleston. The ability of Prioleau’s family to engage such a high-status painter for her portrait unquestionably signaled her elevated status and class."  Elizabeth Roupell (born Prioleau) was born in 1726, at South Carolina, to Samuel Prioleau and Marie Magdalen Prioleau (born Gendron).  Elizabeth had 5 siblings.  Elizabeth married George Roupell in1753, at age 26 in South Carolina. George was born in 1726, in London Middlesex, England.  They had 3 children.  Elizabeth passed away in 1811, at age 84 in South Carolina.