Thursday, March 21, 2019

Portrait of 18C American Woman

1755 Benjamin West 1738-1820 Mary Bethel  Mrs Samuel Boude Nat Gal Art

Mary Bethel was from Columbia, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She was born about 1732, the daughter of Samuel Bethel and Sarah Bethel (Blunston) and the sister of Elizabeth Bethell; William Bethel; Edward Bethell; Samuel Bethel, II and Sythe Hammett.  In 1717, her grandfather William Bethel bought about 100 acres on the Conestoga Creek near Lancaster City, & in 1730 he was licensed to keep a public-house or a tavern in Lancaster city. Between 1737-38, he was Lancaster County treasurer.  At the age of 17, Mary married Dr.Samuel Boude,an eminent physician & druggist, and was the mother of Gen. Thomas Boude; Sarah Bethel Barber; Mary Bethel Barber: Elizabeth Lewis; Henrietta Boude and 2 others. She died after 1761.