Saturday, May 4, 2019

Portrait of 18C American Woman

1760 Jeremiah Theus 1719-1774 Mary Trusler Dallas Mus Art

Mary Trustler was born on October 5, 1723, the daughter of Ann and Edward. She married Thomas Soper Doughty (Daugherty) on April 29, 1742. They had one child, William, in 1745. Her husban died c 1755, as the  1755 inventory of her first husband, a successful vintner & victualler. She married 2nd Daniel Cannon (1726-1802). Cannon arrived in Charleston in 1740, where he learned the housewright’s trade; by the early 1760s he was one of the city’s most successful building contractors. The couple had 3 children. She died in March 1789 at the age of 65.

Mid 20C photo of 69-71 Anson Street, Charleston, SC (Thomas Doughty & Mary Trusler House)