Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Portrait of 18C American Woman

1754 Joseph Blackburn fl 1752-1778 Abigail Chesebrough (Mrs. Alexander Grant) Art Inst Chicago

Abigail Chesebrough (1734–1807) was the daughter of David Chesebrough (1702–1782, eminent merchant & slave trader in Newport) and Abigail Rogers (1706–1737); and the stepdaughter of Mrs. Margaret (Sylvester) Chesebrough (1719–1782). The sitter's mother Mrs. Abigail Rogers Chesebrough died in Newport in 1737 at the age of 27, and lies buried in the Common ground. The daughter Abigail was married to Alexander Grant (1730–1783), eldest son of Sir Alexander Grant, of Scotland. It was while the Chesebroughs were residing here Sept. II, 1775, that "the Hon. Mrs. Abigail Grant, lady of Sir Alexander Grant, arrived at Newport from London via New York," to pay them a visit. Mr. Chesebrough's second wife was Margaret Sylvester, who, with her sister Mary, the wife of Thomas Dering, also sat for Joseph Blackburn, the artist, in Newport in 1754.