Monday, June 21, 2021

Pre-Revolutionary Woes involving Taxes, Profits, & Spinning

George Walker, The Costume of Yorkshire

The Loom, the Comb, the Spinning Wheel, 

Would much promote this Country's Weal 

If we could wear more our own Woollen:

We should have kept our Coin and Bullion.

For sending of the Coin away,

Has made all Sorts of Trade decay;

How shall poor Tenants pay their Rent?

Now all the Coin away is sent.

How shall Folks live and Taxes pay,

When all the Money's sent away;

Let Merchants then join Hand in Hand, 

To bring in Money to our Land.

But if this Counsel they dispise,

And their own Interest only prize

They will bring Ruin on this Land;

As quickly all will understand.

For now the Money is so gone,

That there is little to be done.

And more and more trade will decay,

As all will feel from Day to Day.

O that a way they would find out,

To make this Trade to face about;

And bring the Money here again!

But I'm afraid I speak in vain.

Therefore I now conclude and say,

Pray let 'em send no more away;

But keep in that which does come in,

And never send it out again.

The Boston Gazette, or Weekly Journal

April 3, 1750