Sunday, September 22, 2019

Women doing laundry in the 1700s

Images of women doing laundry in 18th-century America are rare or non existant.  These paintings and prints of women across the Atlantic will have to do.

1730 Jean Siméon Chardin (French artist, 1699-1779) The Laundress

1736 Giacomo Ceruti (Italian painter, 1698-1767) The Laundress

1736-75 Richard Houston, after Philippe Mercier.  Domestik Employment Washing pub by Robert Sayer

1740 Pietro Longhi (French-born Italian artist, 1701-1785) The Laundress

1768 Hubert Robert (French painter, 1733-1808) La Bievre

1750s Henry Robert Morland (British painter, 1716-1797)  Woman Ironing

1750s Henry Robert Morland (British artist, 1716-1797) A Girl Ironing Shirt Sleeves

1761 Jean-Baptiste Greuze (French painter, 1725-1805) The Laundress

1765 Henry Robert Morland (British artist, 1716-1797) A Lady's Maid Soaping Linen

1770 Illustration from Basedow's Elementary Work

1782 Camp Laundry. Robert Sayer & J. Bennett. London

1750-80 Mrs Grosvenor Landry Woman to the Queen  Unknown British Artist

 1785 Henry Robert Morland (British artist, 1716-1797) Laundry Maid Ironing

1760-70 Nicolo Cavalli (Italian artist, 1730-1832) La Lavandaja

1700s John Collet (British artist, c1725-1780)  High Life Below Stairs

1750-80 Miss White Clear Starcher to the Queen Unknown British artist

1750s Henry Robert Morland (British artist, 1716-1797) A lady’s Maid soaping linen

1774 Henry Robert (British artist c 1716-1797) after Morland Laundry Maid

1800 Louis Leopold Boily (French painter, 1761-1845) Young Woman Ironing

Woman with Bag of Laundry