Friday, January 7, 2011

It's the Same Dress for Theus, Wollaston, & McIlworth

Here are a few Jeremiah Theus (1716-1774), John Wollaston (1710-1775), & Thomas McIlworth (c 1720-1769) paintings of colonial America women with similar costumes & countenances copied from one source, an English 1752 Richard Houston mezzotint. While Theus and Wollaston were in South Carolina at the same time, Thomas McIlworth, from Scotland, was only in New York.
1765-67 John Wollaston (1710-1775). Rebecca Bee Holmes (Mrs. Isaac Mead).
1752 English Mezzotint by Richard Houston (1721-1776) after painting by Francis Cotes. Dutchess of Hamilton. (This depiction is from an old lecture slide. You may see one of these mezzotints at the Henry Francis duPont Winterthur Museum in Delaware, or at the Yale Center for British Art.)
1754-63 Jeremiah Theus (1716-1774). Sarah Parker (Mrs. Charles Lowndes)
1755 Jeremiah Theus 1716-1774 Mrs. Thomas Lynch (Elizabeh Allston Lynch)

1758 Jeremiah Theus 1719-1774). Susannah Holmes (1739–1771) (Mrs. Thomas Bee).

c 1750s Jeremiah Theus (1716-1774). Young Southern Woman.
1750s Jeremiah Theus (1716-1774). Mary Magdalen Prioleau (Mrs. Thomas Grimball.).

1760 Jeremiah Theus (1719-1774). Mrs. William (Mary) Mazyck.
Intrigingly, Thomas McIlworth (c 1720-1769) painting in New York from around 1757-1767, also used the Duchess of Hamilton mezzotint as the basis for two of his portraits. McIlworth immigrated to New York from Scotland around 1757. He was in New York City from 1757-1762, then moved to Schenectady, New York where he lived until 1767. In that year he journeyed to Montreal, where he disappeared from records in October of 1767. His will was probated in Canada in 1770. His clients included gentry from New York City, the Hudson Valley, and the Albany area.
1762-67 Thomas McIlworth (fl 1757-67). Catherine Van Rensselear (Mrs. Philip Schuyler) (1734-1803).

c 1767 Thomas McIlworth (fl 1757-67). Probably Catherine Van Cortlandt (Mrs. James Van Rensselaer) (1752-1785).